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Johnson Elementary School AdvancED Survey Summary
Posted On:
Monday, September 10, 2018

Johnson Elementary School

AdvancED Survey Summary


Climate and Culture Teacher Survey

Areas of Strength

·       100% of teachers feel that students are learning and that they work with others in the classroom.

·       Teachers feel that they have caring (100%), respectful (87%), and supportive (87%) colleagues and that they are comfortable in their teaching environment.

Areas of Focus

·       Only 13% of teachers are asking “What are you thinking?” questions.

·       In the area of Professional Development, 57% of teachers feel they need more training in the area of multisensory teaching and 50% need training in STEM.

Next Steps

·       Professional development for quality questioning will be presented to elementary teachers on August 3, 2018.

·       Our school reading coach is MSLE trained in multisensory strategies and will provide PD to teachers


Climate and Culture Staff Survey

Areas of Strength

·       100% of staff report that their colleagues are caring.

·       When asked to pick a phase that best describes general expectations for students, 100% of staff responded that students are learning.

Areas of Focus

·       When trying to complete their responsibilities at work, 25% report that they are rushed, hectic, and hurried.

Next Steps

·       Administration will provide information in advance to staff so that he/she can better prepare without feeling anxious.


Climate and Culture Parent Survey

Areas of Strength

·       99% of parents feel welcome at school.

·       97% of parents feel that teachers are interested and cooperative when discussing the child’s academic progress or other concerns.

Areas of Focus

·       When asked which phrases best describe the kinds of things your child is most often doing while at school, parents indicated “Listening to the teacher” and “Completing Worksheets.”

Next Steps

·       We will develop better communication with parents through social media about instruction taking place in the classroom.


Climate and Culture Elementary School Student Survey

Areas of Strength

·       Students report teachers as being honest (90%), fun (95%), and caring (89%).

·       Students report they listen to teachers while at school (72%).

·       Students report feeling happy (67%) while at school.

Areas of Focus

·       Create more project-based learning activities to improve student reporting of completing worksheets at school (58%) and taking tests (55%).

Next Steps

·       Teachers will create more project-based learning activities by collaborating with colleagues.


Elementary School Student Inventory

Areas of Strength

·       93% of students report feeling safe at school in all of their classes.

·       71% of students report setting learning goals a minimum of three times a year.

·       81% of students report using technology to complete assignments such as researching, finding information, communicating and/or creating something new in at least half of their classes.

·       71% of students report receiving feedback about their work from their teacher and/or classmates that help them better understand what they are learning.

Areas of Focus

·       16% report choosing topics for their own projects.

·       66% of students report actively participating in class discussions and activities

·       54% of students report meeting or talking with an adult, other than their teacher, who helps them with their learning needs.

Next Steps

·       Improve student choice for project-based learning.  Provide more options.

·       Our problem of practice for instructional rounds during the 2018-2019 school year is improving student conversations.

·       Implement “Growth Groups” for grades 4 & 5.


Elementary Student Engagement

Areas of Strength

·       Students report enjoying the activities they do in class (75%).

·       Students report they feel their school work is important (63%).

Areas of Focus

·       45% of students reported they don’t often talk in front of the class.

·       28% of students reported they were excited about tomorrow’s school day

Next Steps

·       Improve quality questioning and providing a positive student environment to encourage student conversations. Professional development for quality questioning will be presented to elementary teachers on August 3, 2018.

·       Improve student anticipation for school. 4th and 5th grade students will participate in bi-weekly growth groups.

·       Improve student anticipation for school. Teachers will emphasize “tomorrow’s learning” at the conclusion of each day to excite students about coming back to school the next day.


Teacher Inventory

Areas of Strength

·       94% of teachers create lessons based on high expectations for students and give students formal opportunities to develop positive relationships with peers and/or adults.

·       89% of teachers design lessons by first determining the expected outcome and use formative assessments to monitor student progress.

Areas of Focus

·       33% of teachers felt like they were involved in decisions and actions that impact student achievement and overall functioning of the school.

·       44% of teachers provide multiple opportunities for parent (family) to engage in meaningful activities that support student success.

Next Steps

·       Involve more teachers in decision making process through AdvancED committees, leadership team, and state allocation committee.

·       Encourage teachers to support parents by sending home ideas for parents to help their children.


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