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Inclement Weather...
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Thursday, March 08, 2007
Sign Up for Notify Me!
Sign Up for Notify Me!
How Will I know if School is out early? Find out how inside this article

When you know in advance that the weather could change, you should listen to the radio or TV stations locally to find out whether or not school will be dismissed early.

We have a feature on this website called Notify Me.  You may sign up for this feature and you will be sent an e-mail, hopefully at work, or home or both if time permits

for us to put this out in bulk e-mail.  What will happen is that you will be notified via e-mail that shcool will be dismissed early, closed etc.  Again, if time permits we will

put this notification out.   This feature is located on the top left page of our home page, and also on the right side. 

If you would like to be added to the "Notify Me" list, please click the icon at the top of the page and follow the directions.  You will receive an email verifying your subscription.  Please be sure to respond to the email you receive so that you are included in our database.  Simply follow the steps below. 

Signing Up for the Services

1.  Click the 'Notify Me' icon found on the website just above the latest news


2.  Enter your email address (in the two fields provided)

3.  Leave the check box (Keep me informed about important school information)

4.  Click the submit button.

5.  You will then receive an email confirmation.  Complete the process as directed in the email to activate your subscription.

PLEASE NOTE:  If step #5 above is not completed, you will not be an active subscriber.

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